What is this site?

No doubt you've seen image galleries that allow you to rate the images that are posted and visit a page that lets you view the top rated images.

Think of this site as the same thing... only different. Here, you don't rate the indivdiual images, the images are rated against each other. You will be shown 2 images, and you will decide a winner. That's it. Each image has its own rating which will go up or down depending on the rating of the image it's placed up against. Simple!

How does it work?

When you get to the vote page of a collection of images, you will see a brief description of the collection.

You will be shown 2 random images from the entire collection. Each image will have a "Vote" button below it. Click the vote button for the image you want to vote for. That's it!

There are navigation links to view the top rated images, as well as viewing the entire collection in a gallery.

Most active galleries